In memory of the Tonic Cinema


Below are some Classic photos of  Bangor's Tonic Cinema, Built in 1936. At the time it was the largest Cinema in Ireland with 2,250 seats. It also had a front Cafe, 4 front shops and 2 large apartments. 

Above: The Tonic around the 14th October 1983 Showing Physico 2


Below: The Tonics last film listings in the Bangor Spectator back in late September 1983 with the announcement that is was going to close.


Below: The Tonic Showing THE STING with Paul Newman in 1974


Below: The Tonic in the late 1950's or early 1960's with the Imperial bowls in the Cafe area above the foyer  


Below: The Tonic sometime around 1950 with the Cafe and front shops still in operation


Above The Tonic sometime at the end of the Second World war 1945/6

Below: Two pictures of The Tonic in the 1940's

Below: The Tonic at its best at night showing off  its red and blue neon's in the 1940's


Above: An aerial shot of the Tonic from above. 1940's

Below: An inside shot of the Tonic's front Cafe from 1938

Below: The Organist playing the Tonic's grand Compton organ 1938

Below: People queuing up to see a film at the Tonic 1938 

Below: The Grand opening ceremony of the Tonic on Monday 6th July 1936

(Second from left is the Architect of the Tonic John McBride Neill and in the centre is Lord Bangor (Mayor)


Below: Bangor Spectator newspaper  listing on the 2nd July 1936 of the The New Super Cinema, The Tonic







There are more pictures available through the Tonic's Facebook page just follow this Link


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