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Updated 28/07/12

Please note all I have removed all old dead links and moved all the business links to Here

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1) Take a trip to Bangor's past and present. Go to Bangor's Heritage Centre.


2) Planning a day visit to Belfast City Centre and you're not too sure if the traffic is bad. Why not check out a great site called Traffic watch However you will need Windows Media Player to view any of the live Belfast traffic cameras.


3) If you wish to find out about old family history, places & names from around County Down Then check out this County Down Research website by Ros Davis.


4) Another good blog website for History and reviews around Northern Ireland is the Lord Belmont in Northern Ireland website


5) If you are thinking of coming to Bangor for a visit. Then check out the Accommodation page you will find some good and Cheap places to stay.


6) Want to find out what the rest of Ireland and Northern Ireland has to offer Then don't miss this great site "Go Ireland"


7)Another great Ireland web site worth checking out if you want to know more about Northern Ireland is a site called Northern Ireland Tourist Board.


  8) Go Visit the Crown Bar which is owned by the National Trust, right in the heart of nearby Belfast city. 


 9)Another good site for finding out anything about the North or South of Ireland is a site called Holiday Ireland and it's worth a quick look.


10) If your looking for some Touristy stuff to do while your here in Northern Ireland then have a look at these two new links   Belfast Zoo  and The Giants Causeway


11) This new link is  very handy if you are very stressed out  it is A Spirituality Web Directory site and it looks very good.



12) Do you like football then why not have a look at the new official Bangor Football Club website


13) Here is a great link for all the local listings of European cities and towns.