COOL FM ( 97.4 FM) Today's chart music played as well as music from the 70's 80's 90's

BELFAST CITY BEAT ( 96.7 FM.) This is another very good Radio Station because it plays music from the 60's to 90's which is a very good combination designed for listeners aged over 23 and the traffic road reports are very good too

U105 (105 FM) This is A new radio station and it plays a good mix of music from 1970s to current.

2FM . ( 97.0 FM ). Good general chart  music station that plays music for all ages as well as funny DJ's. Its well worth listening too.

TODAY FM (105.5 FM ) good mix of  Pop music with news and weather.




RADIO 1 (99.7 FM ) General pop music station from the BBC 

RADIO 2 (90.0 FM ) Music for all ages and Steve Rights Show in the Afternoon between 2pm & 4pm is well worth listing too.

CLASSIC FM (101.9 FM.) Classic music station that is very good too unwind too.

MANX FM ( 89.0 FM ) General Music station which is broadcast from the Isle of Man . That's a small Island 25 miles long between Ireland and Scotland. This Station is sometimes hard to receive indoors but in can be heard well in your car . 


  • Also I have included This Link to this radio guide web page so no matter whereabouts you are in the UK and Ireland you can find out all about  the local radio stations. 

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